Miss Wisconsin’s Braces Secret

Sometimes, even national beauty pageant contestants require additional help to fix their smile before the big show.  However, they don’t necessarily want to be fitted for traditional braces that might detract from their overall look.  For some Miss USA and Miss Teen USA contestants, a hidden solution can help straighten their smile – 3M Incognito™ Hidden Braces.  Check out the video to hear an interview with Miss Wisconsin and her current experience with Incognito Braces.

Why I Treat Patients with Incognito Braces

Editor’s note: Below you’ll find the first post from Incognito™ Hidden Braces expert Dr. Adam Schulhof.  View our introduction to meet Dr. Schulhof.

“Do what you love, love what you do,” I’m not sure who first said this, but it is a mantra I am so fortunate to live by. I’ve always loved every aspect of orthodontics: the puzzle that is treatment planning, the biomechanics, the artistry and design elements, and of course, the emotional impact on our patients. Giving a teenager an amazing smile for life is a wonderful feeling, but performing that same feat for an adult who practically gave up on the smile of their dreams is all the more rewarding.

When I first started out as an orthodontist, I realized that a major barrier keeping people, especially adults, from getting braces to improve their smiles was the aesthetics of the actual orthodontic procedure, i.e. the traditional metal “train tracks.” Sure we had clear braces, but for many this “look” was still unacceptable. Clear aligners were new to the market and really touting themselves as the “future” of orthodontics, but as any orthodontist knew, these appliances are very limited in obtaining a good orthodontic outcome.

Custom Incognito Hidden BracesAs a result of this thinking I turned my sights to lingual braces, which are braces on the tongue side of the mouth, or behind the teeth. I tried many types of lingual braces, but a perfect orthodontic result was just not possible. Not possible, that is, until I stumbled upon Incognito™ Hidden Braces.

Since 2004 I’ve treated hundreds of patients with Incognito Braces, and I continue to be astounded by what we can achieve. My initial goal was to find an option that was “as good” as regular braces, but in certain cases I feel Incognito Braces are even better than regular braces. There are certain types of orthodontic problems that I will now only recommend Incognito Braces for, as I know they will give each patient the best possible result.

I found myself so excited about lingual orthodontics, and specifically Incognito Braces, that I would often share these cases with other doctors, and was asked to share my passion for this treatment type by teaching and lecturing. Interest in Incognito Braces has grown so much over the last few years that I’ve found myself traveling all over the world teaching hundreds of doctors and sharing what I believe to truly be the future of orthodontics. In fact, I’m writing this on a flight returning from Germany where I had the honor of teaching doctors from across the world who share my passion for lingual orthodontics.

Going forward I will be writing for the Hidden Braces blog to share, educate and answer many questions about Incognito Braces.  I’m excited for the opportunity to use this platform to spread more smiles worldwide! :)

Introducing Dr. Adam Schulhof: Leading Authority in Lingual Braces

We’re very excited to introduce Dr. Adam Schulhof, an experienced Incognito™ Hidden Braces orthodontist and one of the foremost experts on lingual orthodontics.Dr. Adam Schulhof: Leading Authority in Lingual Braces

Dr. Schulhof graduated with high honors from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey and received his specialty training from Columbia University. His early interest in Lingual Orthodontics led him to become a part of the LingualCare Clinical Advisory Board and a Key Opinion Leader for 3M and Incognito Braces. He has presented lectures on lingual orthodontics throughout the US and worldwide.

Dr. Schulhof is also active in research and development and was a major contributor to the creation of Incognito™ Lite Hidden Braces. Recently, Dr Schulhof opened a satellite practice in NYC exclusively offering Lingual Orthodontic treatment.

We’ll be featuring Incognito Braces stories and advice from Dr. Schulhof.  If you have a question about Incognito Braces or orthodontics in general, leave it in the comments and Dr. Schulhof may answer it in a future post.

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Welcome to the Hidden Braces Blog!

Welcome to the new and the Incognito™ Hidden Braces Blog!  We’ll be bringing you the latest lingual braces news, great photos and videos, and stories from real patients and doctors who love Incognito Braces!

We’ll also be answering your braces questions, so be sure to leave a comment with your questions or opinions.

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